How does the robot work?


James Hunt


Robot users need to enter information such as credit card details, names and shipping addresses into the software. When they enter the information, they can specify what the robot will buy. This is typically done by entering a product URL or a set of keywords. Machine users can get initial information (such as product urls) from the "chef's team" that supports the robot.

When the machine starts up, the checkout process runs automatically and the robot can buy things faster than a person.

Using a running shoe robot requires the following components:

  • The robot itself

  • Proxy server

  • The proxy client provides an IP address.

This proxy server has access to a large number of agents and can be used to parallelize robots that can run on the same site.

The Agent provides a unique IP address for each robot instance. Boot uses multiple IP addresses to make it look like multiple individuals are operating. For example, mass access to online queues increases the chances of actually shopping.

The Agent helps the robot masquerade as multiple buyers. In addition, the target site can determine that all entries are from the same source and disallow that IP.

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