Which is more suitable for business use, static or rotating agents?


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Electronics people know that their competitors are grabbing their sites, and so are they. Everyone is fooled by web scraping because it provides the data needed to keep their business going, but it's bad for the target web server and it ruins the user experience. For a short time, there was a huge amount of traffic due to the use of robots, which caused the server to slow down. They even shut down the site, which is one reason the site has taken anti-bot measures.

Without these restrictions, the impact of bots on websites could lead to business failures. Many sites have adopted anti-scraping techniques that allow the web server to detect suspicious user behavior. In this way, it is easy to distinguish a robot from a real human user, one possibility being that the robot sends a large number of requests frequently from a single IP address. So, to solve this problem, you need to know static and rotating proxies.

The static proxy gives you an IP address to use before you need to change it. The advantage of this agent is that it is hard to detect because it is not run by a virtual machine. But keep in mind that hundreds of requests will be sent in a short period of time from a single IP address. As a result, the site server considers this behavior to be robotic and blocks the IP.

Because you are likely to acquire web pages in bulk in e-commerce, and because you have a large number of product pages, you can almost guarantee that you will be blocked. Using a rotating proxy or a dedicated proxy that uses a proxy rotator is the best time to prevent IP from being blocked. You can adjust the proxy rotator Settings in different ways to bypass reverse capture by the site administrator so that you can get the results you want without any problems.

You can set up proxy rotators to assign new IP addresses after each request, or set a fixed time after IP changes.

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