What are static and rotating proxies?


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Static proxy:

With static proxies, you can access the Internet from a single IP address. With static proxies, you can access any selected server location using an IP other than the IP, allowing you to remain anonymous. Once the proxy is set up using a browser, it can be used on demand. Static STATIC IP address.

With static proxies, you can enjoy the benefits of using proxies, such as high-speed connections and high bandwidth. You also perform Internet tasks in a highly anonymous manner, and the ease of use of such proxies is noteworthy.

Because it involves data capture, be aware that static IP is not identified based on some very secure site more than a mile away. Therefore, using static IP will reduce the possibility of blocking robot users. Therefore, static IP is the first choice to better extract data from the target site.

Rotation agent:

A rotating proxy is different from a static proxy in that it gives you a unique IP. They give you access to IP pools so you can rotate them at random intervals or at fixed times, depending on the technology you're using. Rotational proxies are different from rotational proxies. A proxy rotation program is a piece of software that automatically performs the IP cycling process, provided by a proxy service provider that allows you access to a variety of proxy pools. The agent rotator is also important when using data center agents, because it will automatically assign agents and change IP to allow cooling between changes.

With a rotating proxy, you can be different from different servers and different locations in most cases, thus adding a layer of security and anonymity to Internet use.

Unlike a rotation agent, a data center agent can only give you access to the IP pool and cannot rotate it. IP cycling is not what it provides, so you need to use a proxy rotation program for this purpose.

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