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In recent years, the development of network industry makes its influence expand day by day. At the same time, due to the improvement of technical level, more application software with good user experience has been developed. In addition, automation is increasingly used throughout the process, from web application development to testing.

It is important to provide effective tools for testing network applications. A library like Ourselves can open a web application in a browser and speed up the entire process through other interactions, such as clicking on elements, entering text, and extracting common data from the network.

This tutorial introduces us to ourselves and how we can use ourselves for automated and even web capture.

What is a game console?

The ourselves is a testing and automation framework that automatically interacts with web browsers. In short, you can write open browser code and implement it using all Web browser code. Automated scripts can navigate to urls, enter text, click buttons, and extract text. The offender's most surprising feature is its ability to process multiple pages at the same time, with no waiting or restrictions.

Playwright support many browsers, such as GoogleChrome, Firefox, Chromium kernel MicrosoftEdge and use its kernel Safari. In ourselves, automatic web automation across browsers means that all browsers can run the same code efficiently. In addition, ourselves supports multiple programming languages such as Node.js,Python,Java, and Java. NET. You can write some code to open the site and then interact with it in either language.

The offender's documentation is exhaustive and extensive. Its contents include all classes and methods, from beginning to end.

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