How to collect data when conducting market research?


Sandra Pique


Typically, when conducting large-scale market research, companies use very specialized tools and web scraping services to collect all the data they need.

First, you need to clearly analyze the data required and the depth of the analysis, and then prepare a list of sites that contain that data (which you can do with crawlers). If you are collecting data for your company, this will make your job easier because you will know all the sites that need to be captured). You actually program the web scraping tool, find the data, unzip it, and run the tool. That's the essence. That data is extracted, and you can analyze it and study it.

You should know that when you crawl and collect data, you can only collect public data - private data, copyrighted or otherwise legally protected data is prohibited. At any time, you can check the site's robots.txt file to determine if you are allowed to collect specific data. In addition, you should always use a proxy service when fetching, so you should always use a proxy service when extracting data, so you can send requests without restriction, because the site can recognize online unmanned activity and block your operation.

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