What is a web crawler?


James Hunt


A web crawler, also known as a web spider or web robot, is a program that automatically navigates the Web for indexing. Crawlers can view a variety of data, such as content, web links, unlinks, sitemaps, and HTML code validation.

Search engines like Google,Bing, and Yahoo use crawling technology to properly index downloaded pages so that users can find them faster and more efficiently when searching. Even if you don't have a crawler, you won't tell them that your site has new content. The site map also comes into play in this process. So, for the most part, web crawlers are a good thing. Sometimes, however, scheduling and loading can be problematic because crawlers can poll your site constantly. Here, the robots.txt file will work. This file helps control the incoming traffic and ensures that it does not overload the server.

Web crawlers identify the Web server itself by using the header of a User-Agenthttp request, and each crawler has its own unique identifier. Most of the time, you will need to check your web server reference source logs to see web crawler traffic.

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