What are dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies?


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Agents are often referred to as intermediaries or, in more technical terms, "interfaces" between the home and the global network. Separate users from the target site. These functions will change depending on the specific purpose of the agent.

After the proxy is established, if any requests are sent to the Internet, the following happens:

It is required to go from the user to the proxy server first.

The proxy server then sends or forwards the request to the destination address. Requests (depending on configuration) are returned from the proxy server to the user.

Agents can be configured to forward more than site traffic. It can be configured to filter or block requests on a shared network for use by system administrators. The agent can also be used as a caching server to increase your Internet speed.

Special agent:

As the name suggests, this agent is for a single user only. In fact, such agents are useful for SEO, social media, and marketing. Because these agents are not shared with other users, speed and performance are better.

Half a special:

Agents that are not fully shared and specified at the same time are called semi-private agents. Such agents are shared by 2-3 users.

Performance may lag behind proprietary, but if you're on a budget, it can work.

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