What are httpcookies used for?


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Cookies are required for sites that require login, have customizable themes, and other advanced features. To understand the role of cookies, sites use these features primarily for personalization, tracking, and session management. We'll take a closer look at each of these reasons to better understand why it matters.


Personal. Httpcookies allow users to access web sites based on general characteristics, such as language, type of browser used to access the service, location of access to the service, and so on. Sites can adjust their content to make it easier for users to navigate the web.

Tracking. Cookies help sites tailor content to user preferences. For example, news portals use Httpcookies to sort content based on users' interests.


Meeting management. The work phase is the user's interaction with each site. Log in, add a product to the cart, and so on. HTTPcookie stores this data so that users do not need to log into their accounts often or save items to their shopping cart if the page is unexpectedly closed. This helps users navigate the web because they don't have to waste time redoing things.



In addition, there are also so-called third-party cookies, which are often used for advertising. These cookies can help tailor AD content based on a user's long-term browsing history. This kind of advertising annoys users because they feel they are being tracked every time. But users don't need to view these ads because they can delete these Httpcookies. Although we haven't expanded on this topic, you can find suggestions on how to prevent third-party cookies from tracking your browsing activity with a quick Google search.

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