How to crawler data capture?


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Web crawlers are the most common tools for retrieving data from the Web. In order to achieve long-term goals such as web crawler, crawler robots need to be maintained regularly and managed properly. This article focuses on the requirements for building web crawlers.

Using proxy IP is the best approach, as many pages have strict security measures to detect bot activity and block IP addresses. Data extraction scripts work like robots in that they work in a loop and access the list of urls in the crawl path. To minimize IP prohibited IP and ensure continuous fetching, it is best to use a proxy. Residential agents are the most widely used method of data extraction, allowing users to send requests even to sites that are restricted by geography. They are associated with physical addresses, and these agents remain normal identities and are unlikely to be disabled as long as robot activity is within normal limits. Proxies cannot be used to ensure that your IP is not disabled, as proxies can also detect site security. Using a high-level anonymous proxy, which is hard to detect, is key to getting around site restrictions and prohibitions.

You also need to rotate IP to access the site. There are no fixed rules for the frequency of IP rotation and the type of proxy used, because it depends on what target you fetch, how often you fetch data, and so on. Especially important, when you capture an audience, it's important to keep the audience authentic in order for your part to conduct their activities. Residential agents are also better used when associated with actual locations, which the site treats as if they came from real human users.

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