What are the advantages and disadvantages of static proxies?


Ana Quil


Static has the following advantages:

  • Reliability: Because static proxies have real IP addresses to link to isPs, they are rarely blocked.

  • Speed: Static agents are faster than normal residential agents.

  • Anonymity: Cannot detect your real address, which is hidden by static proxy IP.

Disadvantages of using static proxies.

  • Static is the closest to perfect because they embody the best qualities of other types of agents.

  • However, there are still some risks to continuing to use static proxies. Rotational agents often change their IP, which makes it difficult for data miners to track them.

  • For static proxies, IP addresses do not change frequently, giving data miners time to identify and trace static IP addresses. So heavy use of a static agent can make your computer system vulnerable to data-mining robots and reptiles.

  • So, if you don't like doing a data mining on your site, you can suggest that you switch to a static proxy every once in a while.

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