What is a static proxy?


James Hunt


A static proxy is a data center IP assigned by an Internet service provider through a contract. As the "static" name implies, it allows you, as a resident user, to run as the same IP when needed.

Housing agencies use Internet service providers to hide your IP address from their clients' IP addresses to protect your real IP address.

This situation is different from the data center agent, whose IP is generated by the company you purchased the agent from. Therefore, a residential agent is a legitimate IP as opposed to a data center agent.

Many users also prefer to use home agents because they are more reliable and provide more anonymity. Compared with data center agents, network security systems are also difficult to detect and intercept residential agents.

But real estate agents are slow. If you need to take action that requires speed, such as snatching tickets or buying limited-edition tickets, that can be a major frustration.

Static proxies solve this problem. They can run faster, while also ensuring the reliability and anonymity of the housing agent.

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