How to extract data from a website?


Ana Quil


Making business decisions based on data has become a top priority for many companies today. To facilitate these decisions, organizations track, monitor, and record data around the clock. Fortunately, many websites store large amounts of public data on their servers, which helps companies stay ahead of the competition.

It is not uncommon for companies to access data from individual websites for commercial purposes. However, after the data is retrieved, manual extraction operations cannot easily and quickly apply the data to your daily work. So, in this article, little Rox will introduce you to the methods and difficulties of extracting network data, and introduce you to several methods that can help you better capture data.

Methods of obtaining data.

If you are not familiar with network technology, data extraction can seem very complicated and difficult to understand. However, understanding the whole process is not complicated.

The process of extracting site data is called network collection, sometimes called network collection. The term generally refers to the process of automatically retrieving data using robots or web crawlers. Sometimes, the concept of web crawling and web crawler can be confused. So, in previous articles, we talked about the main differences between web scraping and scraping.

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