What web scraping tools are available to extract data?


Ana Quil


Web scraping is as old as the Web itself and is a well-known term in the programming world and online business. Broaching allows you to collect multiple data sources in a compact location from which you can query data and display information in a way you like.

From personal experience, I have seen web crawlers being used to build automated product websites, article directories, and comprehensive projects that involve a lot of data interaction. What do they have in common? Money. When people search the Internet, they think about money.

Are you a PHP coder? Take a look at these PHP libraries that handle the HTTP protocol and capture content.

The Web crawler can be used in many ways, but here are some examples (you can skip to our list of crawlers). I think they define what crawlers do, and maybe show that it's not stealing data from other people all the time.

Price comparison - As I said, one of its important uses is to compare prices and data in a more efficient way. Instead of doing all the checking manually, you can install the scraper and do all the work you need.

Contact information - You can think of this kind of scraping as a thin line, but you can also get user details, name, email, phone number, and so on. Use the web scraper.

I think this issue should not attract too much attention, using modern technology, we can really immerse ourselves in other people's lives, by grasping social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, we can draw conclusions about the people that different groups like. (Deeper than that!)

Survey data - very similar to what I mentioned above, it can take a lot of data in one place and use it as a universal database to build an amazing information site or product.

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