​How to solve the problem that Ip is blocked?


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How to solve IPBan problem?


If your IP is banned by a website or service, you are most likely violating the provider's terms of use. Try to understand their conditions and follow them. When you are in an emergency and you need to restore service from a disabled IP address, you must obtain a new IP address. Here are some different ways to do this.


Change IP Address - Change the IP address of your router or computer.


Use VPN- Obtain a new IP address over a virtual private network from a VPN provider.


Use Agent server - Access services at different IP addresses through a proxy server.


Use Tor Servers - Use Tor servers to access services from different networks.


How to test agent speed?


Step 1 - Test the proxy  speed. Activate a proxy . Visit http://speedtest.net...


Step 2 - Test your connection to the same Speedtest.net server with a map. Ensure that proxy and connections are disabled.

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