What is a private agent?


Sandra Pique


A private proxy is a type of proxy that allows only one client to use it at any one time. For example, a private agent will never be connected by two users at the same time. On the web, you will find many types of agents, but private agents are still one of the most popular. This makes sense, given the excitement surrounding some of the main features of private agency.

Private agents


A Private Agency is a private IP address that users use to connect specifically to their destination.


However, private proxy is not a clear term because simply providing an IP address does not mean much. Private agents can come from the actual device, private, and occupant, or they can be created as dedicated data center agents in the data center. There is a big difference between the two, which means that simply saying that the agent is private doesn't make any sense.


To learn more, read our blog post on data centers and residential agents.


The best personal agents are not free or cheap personal agents.


Even if you use a private housing company, you need to buy from a reliable supplier. Maintaining a private proxy server is hard work and expensive. In short, if you don't pay, someone will. In other words, you can become a truly traded product. An attacker sets up a so-called "private" proxy server to steal your data, infect your device, or steal your identity.


Therefore, we strongly recommend that you check your agent carefully before buying.。

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