What kinds of proxy IP are there?


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You can access a web site or other Internet resources even after you have been filtered in your country or by your Internet service provider. There are many kinds of agents, including:


Web proxy, which only requires that you know the address of the proxy site. The Web may be similar to the agent's Web site .


 HTTP proxy that requires you or the software to modify browser Settings. Web content can only be used by HTTP proxies. You can get information in the following format from the HTTP proxy: "proxy.example.com:3128" or "".


SOKS agent that requires you or the software to modify browser Settings. SOKS agents can use many different web applications, including E-mail and instant messaging. SOCKS proxy information looks like HTTP proxy information.


You do not need any configured Web proxy, just enter an address. However, HTTP and SOCKS proxies need to be configured on the browser.


How to set up the FoxyProxy extension (Chrome) proxy.


1. Open the Chrome.


Once installed, click the FoxyProxy extension icon in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser.


2. Click on 'Options'


When you click 'Options', the 'Options' page does not open, please check that you have not opened the 'Options' page in another TAB.


4. On the Options page, click Add New Proxy.


5. Enter gw.nntt. IO in 'HostorIPAddressfield'.


6. Enter 5959 for 'Port'.


7.Yo can immediately enable the FoxyProxy extension and create proxy Settings as follows:


Clickin click on the FoxyProxy extension in the top right of the browser window.


 Select 'Useproxygw. NTNT. IO: 5959 forallurls'.


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