How can I crawl a website without being blocked?


James Hunt


Web scraping is critical to the collection of public data, for example, e-commerce businesses using web crawling to collect new data from different websites, using the data to improve business and marketing strategies. If you don't know how to crawl websites without being stopped, it's easy to get blacklisted when you crawl data. This thesis mainly studies three kinds of crawler to grab the website without being blocked.


1. Check the robots exclusion protocol.


Identify your goals Before you crawl or crawl any website, you can collect data from your web page. Check the robot.txt file and website rules to see the robot exclusion protocol. Follow the rules listed in the BookStorageProtocol to crawl during off-peak hours, limit requests from one IP address, and set a delay between the two IP addresses.


2. Use a proxy server.


Only agents can do web crawlers. Pick a reliable proxy service provider and choose between a data center and a home IP proxy based on your mission requirements. If you use a proxy, you can use mediations between the device and the target site to reduce the IP address block, ensure anonymity, and allow you to access sites that are locally inaccessible. Note: In order to improve crawler efficiency, please select proxy providers with more IP addresses and a large number of locations. For example, ipidea provides 220+ IP addresses for overseas regions, and IP is exclusive.


3.IP address rotation.


When using proxy pools, it is best to rotate IP addresses. When you send too many requests from the same IP address, the target site will quickly figure out that you are a threat and you are blocked. Broker can make you look like many different Internet users and reduce the likelihood of being blocked. For example, Roxlabs Proxy supports rotation and can customize Settings rules.

If the IP needs to be an e-commerce platform or social media, consider selecting roxlabs dedicated computer room IP. Fast IP, easy to set, unlimited traffic.

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