What are the application scenarios of reverse proxy?


Sandra Pique


Applicable reverse proxy scheme.


 Load balancing


O If there is a large load in the server cluster, the reverse proxy rewrites the URL and gets the same resources or support required from the less loaded person based on connection requests. It can effectively reduce server pressure and improve server stability.


 Improve server security.


O Hide the SERVER IP address from customers.


It can also be used as an application-layer firewall, enabling websites to protect against Web-based behavior (such as DoS/DDoS), making it easier to detect malware, and so on.


 Load /SSL acceleration: THE reverse proxy with the SSL hardware accelerator is responsible for SSL encryption.


Provides caching services to speed up client access.


O Provides caching services for dynamic content and access to a large number of access requests in a short time.


 Unified data compression.


O Bandwidth saving


O Provides networks with poor network bandwidth.


 Unified access permission control.


 Consistent access control.


Break the Internet blockade


Break Google access block.

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