What does forward proxy apply to?


Ana Quil


 Accessing illegal resources (allowing clients to access unreachable servers). Some servers cannot be accessed directly by clients, perhaps because of routing or policy configuration. To access these servers, you can access them through a proxy server.)


 Break through (e.g. Google, YouTube...)


For example, if the client IP address is blocked by the server, you can bypass the IP address ban.


Can also break through the site geographical restrictions.


:: Hides the address of the client (the proxy server represents the client), so the original client cannot be seen from the server or network topology.


:: Controls customer access.


 Ability to centrally deploy policies to control customer access behavior (access authentication, etc.)


 Access Records of File Users (Online Behaviour Management)


 Manage internal resources (company, educational network, etc.)


:: Accelerate access to resources.


 Use buffering to reduce network usage (the proxy server sets up a larger buffer and stores external information in the buffer as it passes through, from which it can be extracted for faster access when another user accesses the same information again).


:: Content filtering (some harmful instructions/some content can be uniformly encrypted through the proxy server, and attacks at both ends of the proxy server can be defended)

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