How do I use Chrome Proxy Settings?


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If a proxy server is used to access the Internet, you need to configure the proxy information of the browser. If there is only one proxy server, use only the system proxy server. When you need to switch multiple proxy servers, you can use the proxy extender for dynamic switching. This article explains how to set up and switch proxy servers in Chrome.


1. Enable Chrome Proxy Settings.


From the Chrome address bar type: Chrome :// Settings /, then go back to the Chrome Settings feature, scroll to Advanced Settings, click to expand Advanced Settings, then scroll down to Find Proxy Settings, click the Open Proxy Settings link to go to Internet Properties Settings.


2. Enable the LAN Settings function.


In the Internet Property setting function window, click the "LAN Settings" button to open the "LAN Settings" function.


3. Create a system proxy server.


In the LAN Settings window, enter the IP address (host name or IP address) and port number of the proxy server, and click OK to set the proxy server.

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