What is a rotating data center proxy?


Sandra Pique


Data center proxies are proxies that use IP owned and managed by the data center. Unlike residential proxies that route requests through devices that use IP addresses owned and assigned by ISPs, data center proxies use their own IP addresses. This allows them to better control the safety and speed of flow.

The rotation proxy runs between the client and the target server. It works by assigning a new IP address to your computer every time you send a request. Using different IP addresses for access provides excellent anonymity, avoids most geographical restrictions, and helps the crawler run more stably. The following will introduce the characteristics of rotation proxy in detail.

1. The rotation proxy has a pool of IP addresses that change periodically. Using a rotation proxy, you can ensure that no one who tracks your online activities can reveal your real IP address.

2. By rotating proxies, it becomes easy to grab websites. Changing IP addresses allow them to perform regular extraction without being blocked.

3. The main feature of rotation proxy is the changing IP address. Because you use different IP addresses, it is difficult for them to detect your browsing habits. This, in turn, protects your system from cyber attacks.

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