I'm just starting to use proxies. What should I choose?


James Hunt


1. Understand the role of proxy server.

If you are worried about the security of the server, according to the analysis of the current market situation, most servers can complete the task well.

In short, the function of IP proxy server itself is to protect users' privacy and provide IP address so that users can freely access the website without worrying about the disclosure of IP address

2. Select a professional proxy provider, such as Roxlabs.

The service level of proxies, professional proxies will not affect their own brand for immediate small interests.

Some users do not doubt the role of IP proxy server, but the proxy service. After all, our information needs to be sent through a proxy server. What if our real IP information is not stolen by hackers, but taken away by bad proxies? This situation generally occurs in the low-quality agent IP, which is paid through the sales of user information. However, professional proxies will not affect their brands for the sake of small immediate interests.

3. Try it out.

If you are using the proxy server for the first time, it is recommended to try it first. On the one hand, you can test the matching degree of the business. On the other hand, you also have a deeper understanding of the proxy so that you can make a better choice. Roxlabs provides a free trial. You can contact the customer service to get a trial opportunity and experience 90 million residential IP resources for free.

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