How do I find a cheap, static residential proxy seller?


Ana Quil


When someone takes your survey, their IP address is recorded as metadata with your survey results by default.

It’s possible to update your collector options to control IP tracking. 

You can choose to:

  • Restrict or allow survey access based on IP address

  • Make survey results anonymous

  • IP addresses can be traced to a single device, proxy server, or group of devices on the same network, but can’t be traced to an individual person. For example, people who share a computer also share an IP address.

If you notice your survey was taken multiple times from the same IP address, it means either:

  • An individual is responding to your survey multiple times

  • Multiple people are taking your survey but they share an IP address

If the IP needs to be an e-commerce platform or social media, consider selecting roxlabs dedicated computer room IP. Fast IP, easy to set, unlimited traffic.

More on: Roxlabs proxy 

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