When scraping, is it better to use sticky or rotating proxies?


Sandra Pique


Facts have proved that it is better to use rotation proxy when scraping web data, which is determined by the characteristics of rotation proxy. The rotation proxy can change an IP at each request. The sticky proxy needs to be replaced after the proxy time, and web data scraping is collected regularly. It is difficult for the sticky proxy to accurately replace the proxy time, so it is not suitable.

If the proxy server is configured correctly, you can rotate IP addresses from the IP address proxy pool. With rotation proxies, you can manage multiple connections from a single device and make it easier to perform network crawling and data fetching operations.

First, proxy rotation improves anonymity. Secondly, as mentioned earlier, automating tasks such as data capture and network crawling to improve the success rate is a widely used practice. When it comes to network crawling, a common challenge for many people is to avoid being blocked by websites when trying to collect data.

There are several techniques that can help prevent blocking, one of which is proxy rotation. It can help manipulate crawlers through most anti - crawling measures because it allows them to imitate the behavior of multiple organic users. Therefore, while collecting a large amount of data, it increases the chance of not being found.

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