What is a datacenter proxy?


James Hunt


Data center proxies are proxies that use IP owned and managed by the data center. Unlike residential proxies that route requests through devices that use IP addresses owned and assigned by ISPs, data center proxies use their own IP addresses. This allows them to better control the safety and speed of flow.

Data center proxies are not provided by any ISP. They can provide users with private authentication, high privacy and fast response time. It is easily blocked by websites because they are not provided by ISPs and are easily associated with the use of robots. But in fact, some business scenarios are also more suitable for using data center proxies.

Data center proxies have many uses, including for brand protection. They are fast and cheap, so you can easily afford them to monitor your brand. Using your brand without your authorization may damage your brand image and even cause you to lose income. The measure to be taken is to respond quickly. With the speed of data center proxies, you can prevent a lot of damage by taking the necessary measures.

You can also use data center proxies in market research. Collecting data from the network, especially from competitors, can be a challenge. You cannot use a real proxy because you may receive false data, so you need to use a proxy. Data center proxies are ideal because they are cheaper, because the more proxies you use in market research, the better.

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