Are residential IPs cost-effective compared to DataCenter IPs?


James Hunt


Data center proxies are proxies that use IP owned and managed by the data center. Unlike residential proxies that route requests through devices that use IP addresses owned and assigned by ISPs, data center proxies use their own IP addresses. This allows them to better control the security and speed of traffic. On the other hand, these IP addresses can be more easily detected as illegal users and block or deny access to pages. Because residential proxies provide real IP addresses, each IP looks like an independent person. When using this kind of IP, your online behavior looks like natural human activities, so it is difficult to be prohibited.

Residential proxies are more difficult to obtain than data center proxies. Residential proxies are provided by real Internet users, so they have IP directly associated with ISPs, making IP addresses more trustworthy on the network. Some tasks and some websites need better IP addresses, which is where the residential proxy can be used. Therefore, it is necessary to do the task of residential proxy according to your needs in some cases.

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