buying a certain number of IPs or paying per GB?


Ana Quil


Charge by IP volume

How much is an IP and how many start to sell? The larger the volume, the more favorable it is. Some stipulate how long it will be used up, such as one month, one year, etc; Some do not specify the expiration time. They can be used all the time as long as there are available proxy IP numbers.

Advantages: if more traffic is used, it is more appropriate to charge according to IP, so there will be no additional traffic charge.

Disadvantages: IP usage is limited, and it is not very friendly to work with a large amount of grabs.

Charge according to GB

Charging by traffic is a little similar to charging by IP usage, but a little different. We know that using proxy IP to access web pages will generate traffic. If some web pages are large and there are many pictures, the traffic will be relatively large; Some web pages are small and mostly text, so the traffic generated is relatively small; In addition, if you use proxy IP to download files, the traffic may be very large.

Advantages: unlimited use of IP

Disadvantages: if the loss of page traffic is large, the cost is high.

There are many kinds of charging methods, none of which is more reasonable or unreasonable. Existence is reasonable. Only which charging method is more suitable for our own business. How to choose it depends on the analysis of our own business demand, so as to select the most suitable proxy package.

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