Are mobile proxies better or worse than residential proxies?


Sandra Pique


The mobile proxy server is related to the mobile device. If this is your intuition about this technology, then you are absolutely right. Mobile proxies are portable devices that can access the Internet through mobile data, such as smartphones or tablets. You can connect to these proxy servers to block your real IP address using the device's real IP address.

residential proxy is basically an address provided by your Internet service provider (ISP). It uses residential IP and is used by most legitimate proxy users. Similar to residential proxies, they mask your real address, but it is not provided by your ISP. A residential IP address is an IP address bound to a physical device, such as a mobile phone or desktop computer. Their real owner, the Internet service provider, registers the residential IP address in the public database, which allows the website to determine the Internet provider, network and location of the equipment. Most online services identify residential IP addresses as real people, rather than people who use data center IP addresses.

Mobile proxies are no better or worse than residential proxies, which actually depends on your use case. In addition, mobile agents are more expensive. If you are considering investing a lot of money in social media, you should only consider them. Residential proxies have certain advantages in price. In addition, they are more widely used.

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