What is a 4G proxy?


Sandra Pique


4G proxy, also known as mobile proxy, is used legally by mobile operators. The mobile proxy uses multiple IPS. When users access the network through smartphones and tablets, the origin server will receive user requests from these IPS.

The target server cannot block such addresses, even if they receive a large number of requests from them. The origin server "understands" that the high load of IP has nothing to do with the spam operation of the client, but is related to the completely natural behavior of hundreds or even thousands of users. Therefore, he had to relax the restrictions on mobile proxies.

The mobile proxy server is related to the mobile device. If this is your intuition about this technology, then you are absolutely right. Mobile proxies are portable devices that can access the Internet through mobile data, such as smartphones or tablets. You can connect to these proxy servers to block your real IP address using the device's real IP address.

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