Could someone suggest a good proxy service?


Ana Quil


When you frequently request a website with an IP, the website can block your IP when performing web page capture. Once blocked, you will not be able to get more data. To prevent this from happening, you can connect to the Internet through a proxy server to hide your real IP address from the target website.

Generally used for crawling and data mining, any proxy can complete this work. However, based on past experience, public proxies are likely to be blocked on Google and other e-commerce websites. So this is why many people choose paying proxies:

Among the data center proxies and residential proxies commonly used at present, the most suitable for web to capture is the residential proxy, which is mainly because, unlike the data center proxy, the residential proxy is considered to be a real home IP, and it is safer to use the residential proxy to access the network.

The following is the function of Roxlabs proxy for web page data scraping:

1. Using Roxlabs proxy can make you scrape the website more reliably.

2. Using Roxlabs proxy pool allows you to send more requests to the website without being prohibited.

3. Using Roxlabs proxy allows you to bypass the comprehensive IP ban imposed by some websites.

4. Using Roxlabs proxy allows you to have unlimited concurrent sessions on the same or different websites.

5. Using Roxlabs proxy enables you to make requests using a specific location, enabling you to view specific content displayed by some websites for that location.

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