What is a rotating proxy?


James Hunt


Rotation proxy is the process of assigning a new proxy to each request sent to the target. The rotation proxy itself is an IP address, which will be changed to another IP address when necessary. So what are the advantages of rotating agents?


1. Rotation proxy has anonymity, which can improve the success rate of task automation such as data capture and network crawling.

2. Avoid being blocked by websites when collecting data. While collecting a large amount of data, it increases the chance of not being found.

Use example

1. Use the automatic rotation proxy to check the keyword ranking in different locations, or promote specific content on social media accounts.

2. Automatic rotation proxy is used to grab websites for analysis and improve performance.

The above content briefly introduces the rotation agent. You must already know the benefits and uses of rotation agent. If you need to grab data, you can use the rotation proxy provided by Roxlabs to improve the success rate and protect data security.

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