Where can we find a residential proxy with a free trial?


Sandra Pique


No matter what kind of proxy you buy, it is recommended to test and buy.

1. Test your residential proxy's Internet speed. This test is very simple and can be tested with speed measurement software. The network speed has a great impact on the use. If the proxy with poor network speed or poor compatibility with the local network is purchased unfortunately, the later business will be affected.

2. Test the IP address pool size. You can determine the size of the proxy service provider based on its region and IP address pool. If the IP address pool is too small, it has great limitations.

3. Test the availability of residential network. You can check whether the IP availability meets your needs in combination with your business. If you purchase a large IP pool for residential proxies but have a low IP availability with your business, it will not help.

How do I get a residential proxy trial?

1. Click on:https://www.roxlabs.io/

2. Register and activate account login (you can use 500MB after activation without limiting IP address extraction)

3. Access the proxy generator to generate IP addresses based on the region, protocol, and duration requirements.

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