What does it mean to get your IP banned?


Ana Quil


Of course, all public facing networks block the range of suspicious IP addresses. Otherwise, their servers will be flooded by spam, attacks, etc.

If you request a web address to use the same IP multiple times in a short time, the IP address will be prohibited by the firewall. Firewall configuration may blacklist it because it is considered a potential threat. Or judge this IP as abnormal activity and provide some false data, but once it is blacklisted, you can say goodbye to using specific services in many places.

If the IP is prohibited, even if you change another account, you cannot operate normally. Therefore, the only way to obtain another account is to use another IP. So how to replace IP? You can change the IP address through the proxy network of Roxlabs to solve the problem of IP shielding. You can change the proxy network when you access again. This operation is the most effective when you request to change the IP every time.

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