Why use a proxy when you can change your IP with ipconfig?


Ana Quil


What does changing your IP address do?

When you switch to a new IP address, you simply stop responding to traffic destined for the old IP address, just like your name or phone number changes. Changing the IP address manually doesn't always make sense, but every time you connect to a new network, the DHCP server automatically assigns you a new IP address.

How do you change your IP location?

Go to Menu > Devices. Locate the device whose IP address you want to change. Click on the device. Click the "Change" button. In the new screen that opens, enter the new IP address your device should have in the "Device IP Address" field. Click Save changes.

Why does my IP keep changing?

Your computer's IP address is constantly changing because your router assigns a specific IP address to your computer. You can set a special IP address for your computer on your router. Even if you disconnect your modem, your public IP address may change. Avoid this.

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