What are some of the best free proxy apps?


James Hunt


There are plenty in the market but few reputable ones are given below:

Roxlabs proxy

If you decide to try ProxyAqua, you can access the entire data center proxy server pool and price it based on traffic usage.

The provider is safe and reliable, and you can use the money back guarantee to test the network. Their proxy server is located in more than 195 locations, making it one of the largest proxy providers. The company ’s proxy server is particularly useful if you want to create a social media account, do sports shoes, conduct market research, collect data, etc. In addition, you will get the full support you need.

roxlabs also provides a free 500Mresidential proxy for testing. If you are interested, you can apply for the test from the official website.


Luminati is one of the most famous agency providers. They provided millions of residential IP as well as data center IP and mobile IP agents for use.

Luminati's residential agent network is endless. The website will never detect that you are using a proxy and can access more than 34 million IPs. However, you will need to sign up for the monthly commitment plan for most packages.

If you want to try this provider, you will be happy that Luminati offers a 7-day free trial period. Their agent plan ranges from $ 500 per month (entry version) to $ 30,000 per month (enterprise version), depending on the required feature set and bandwidth.


Oxylabs has more than 30 million residential IPs worldwide. This is why many people have heard of them.

However, Oxylabs also provides rotating agents and data center agent solutions. Compared with other data center agent providers, Oxylabs puts special emphasis on providing agents that can be used for data tracking, data mining, web crawling, market research and advertising verification.

Most importantly, Oxylabs provides a unique service called Real-Time Crawler, which is a web-based search engine and e-commerce crawling tool.

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