How do you get around being IP banned on a forum?


Sandra Pique


All sites are trying to protect themselves from cyber attacks and bots. Web sites generally require you to enter a verification code when logging in. If you follow these simple rules, your IP will never be banned.

To avoid cyber attacks, different sites have different requirements. Some sites ask users to enter their phone number, while others track their location. That is, an IP can be bound to a limited number of accounts.

If you use multiple accounts or do things like scratch, you will need to use a proxy for IP change, and the residential IP address is the IP address associated with some gadget, such as a phone or laptop. Their real owners, Internet service providers (ISPs), register IP addresses in publicly accessible databases, which allow websites to determine the location of ISPs, networks and devices. Most online services identify residential IP addresses as real people.

How do I get a residential IP address?

1. Register and log in to Roxlabs

2. Activate the account

3. Open a housing agency plan

Of course, you can also contact customer service to obtain a free trial opportunity, provided 500MB free trial can be collected.

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