How to whitelist a particular ip using reverse proxy?


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The reverse proxy effectively acts as a gateway between the client, user, and application server. It handles all access policy management and traffic routing, and protects the identity of the server that actually processes the request.

For example, you can configure the firewall of the reverse proxy to whitelist or blacklist specific IP addresses. All existing servers behind the proxy are protected accordingly, and each time an administrator adds a new back-end server to a network configured to accept only requests from the proxy server, the new back-end server is protected based on the proxy configuration.

Using a reverse proxy also allows administrators to easily swap back-end servers without interrupting traffic. Because clients interact directly with the proxy, they only need to know its host name and do not need to worry about changes in the back-end network topology. In addition to simplifying client configuration, administrators can configure reverse proxies to load balance traffic to distribute requests more evenly to back-end servers and improve overall performance.

How do I set a whitelist?

You can log into Roxlabs, go to your personal console, click the whitelist option, fill in the IP address of the server or host using the proxy, and click OK.

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