Meet Roxlabs

Meet Roxlabs

Roxlabs is a public data access platform owned by Hong Kong Guangling Information Technology Co., LTD. Roxlabs currently focuses on providing proxy server rental services for the highest quality IP addresses.

We provide more than 100 million IPS for national and city level market research, social media account management and online retail.

  • We share all the know-how that we collected over the years in the industry to create a future where big data is accessible to all businesses. We seek to create a healthy environment for everyone to grow and thrive in.
  • As a leading company in the proxy and web scraping industry, we ensure that the highest business ethics standards lead all our operations. Our core values guide us toward achieving our mission.

Leading the global web data acquisition market

Over the years in the market, Roxlabs continues growing and bringing innovations to the data acquisition industry.


around the globe


Stable & reliable

proxy resources



more than 10,000 data professionals



running time


Our success depends upon our customers’ success

We constantly look for ways to help our clients achieve more by making their everyday public data gathering tasks easier.

SEO Monitoring

Roxlabs let you get accurate data

  • 99.9%success rate to transfer data from search engine
  • Get new SERP data from any geographic location
  • Provide strategies for search engine optimization

Web Data Extraction

It has the most advanced and high-quality online data extraction network

  • 102M+ proxies around the world
  • Customizable solutions
  • Accurate data at any time

Travel Fare Aggregation

Help travel agency companies maintain a leading position in terms of prices relative to competitors

  • ensure that the company analyzes market trends
  • pay close attention to competitors and maintain price competitiveness
  • summarize the customer feedback in the forum to maintain the best user experience

Join us: The culture of getting things done

Our customer-obsessed value-centric culture and our transparent company DNA can be summed up in three words: ‘getting things DONE!’. We believe that real value is created by real actions in the real world, not by the pursuit of perfection. This approach has led us to achieve brighter results for our customers and industry leading achievements.